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I appreciate your help and encourage you to send me all information you can provide for this database. Make sure the information you submit is correct!

1) Please DO submit:
- additions to the cast, technical crew of indian movies, filmography and discography of artists;
- facts about the artists (dates of birth, marital statuses and other facts);
- corrections to the existing information (if you believe something is incorrect or out of date);
- summaries of indian movies;
- reviews of indian movies. I encourage you to share your own impressions and opinions, and I'll gladly publish them!
- links to the articles in the online newspapers and in the official movies/actors sites;
- reports of the broken or out of date links;

2) Please DO NOT submit:

- personal messages to actors and actresses. They will not be forwarded;
- request for information and photos. They will not be granted;
- questions where to buy movies and other stuff. Also, please don't e-mail me with this question, I don't know;
- incorrect information or information not related to indian movies or artists;
- copyrighted materials taken from another site;
- links to the homepages, groups or forums without reciprocal link back;
- rude messages, even if they contain information and corrections. If you are rude, your info will be disregarded

I reserve the right to decide which information to publish and which not.

If you are submitting a link to any site, group or forum, you have to place a link back to Bollywoodgate


Send an e-mail to this Contact:

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