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Ali baba aur 40 chor

Ali baba aur 40 chor Miles from the city of Gulabad the cool wind disperses the thick fog slowly caressing a mountain, and as the first bright rays of the morning sun touches the snow all hell breaks loose. The earth begins to tremble, rocky avalanches begin to occur, the waterfall flows upward and the mountain cracks open. From the wide crack, a lone man walks onto the earth. He is known as Abu Hassan, and with him are forty ruthless thieves who ride out from the crack to unleash hell in the city with the help of newly found gunpowder. One day while cutting wood Alibaba accidently finds Abu Hassanís secret hide out, and his immense treasure

Genre: Adventure / Family / Action

Length: 153 min

(1980) - Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Zeenat Aman

Ali baba aur 40 chor


Alibaba lives with his mother, an elder brother, Qasim, in a small village circa Mughal rule in Asia. His father is a merchant who has been gone for several years, and Alibaba does not even remember him. When news reaches them that his father has gone missing, Alibaba goes in his search and not only finds his father, but also rescues Shehzadi Marjina from Shamsher. Both Marjina and Alibaba fall in love with each other. Then they are attacked, Marjina is taken captive, and his father is killed. After burying his father, Alibaba finds out that Marjina is being sold in the slave market, he borrows money from Qasim, and uses that to pay for Marjina, and brings her home. Qasim wants to recover his money, and as a result decides to evict Alibaba from their family home. Shortly, thereafter Alibaba comes to know the secret hideout of Hussain, gets some gold and jewelery from there, which he distributes amongst villagers for diverting some water to their parched land. Alibaba then informs the Khazi about Hussain's hideout. What Alibaba does not know is the Khazi and Hussain are one and the same person.


Ali baba aur 40 chor

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Hema Malini
Zeenat Aman
Prem Chopra
Zakir Mukhamedzhanov
Sofiko Chiaureli
Madan Puri
Yakub Akhmedov
Rolan Bykov
Khodzha Durdy Narliyev
Frunzik Mkrtchyan
Khamza Umarov
Dzhavlon Khamrayev
Yelena Sanayeva
Sanat Divanov
Pinchoo Kapoor
Mac Mohan

Writing credits
Shanti Prakash Bakshi
Boris Saakov

Original music by
Rahul Dev Burman
Vladimir Milov

Cinematography by
Peter Pereira
Leonid Travitsky

Directed by
Latif Faiziyev
Umesh Mehra

Produced by
F.C. Mehra
Parvesh Mehra
Rajiv Mehra

Eagle Films

Released on
30 May 1980

Songs from Ali baba aur 40 chor

Jaadoogar jaadoo kar jaayega
Qayaamat qayaamat qayaamat
Saare shehar mein ek haseen hain
Aa ja sare baazaar tera pyaar


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Ali baba aur 40 chor


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