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Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann Banoo Main Teri Dulhann is th story of Vidya, an illiterate girl who had a fairy tale wedding. It is the journey of Vidya to fight her destiny .. to make her life and win the love of her in laws.

Genre: Family Drama

(2006 - 2008) - Divyanka Tripathi, Sharad Malhotra


Banoo Main Teri Dulhann


The meek, submissive, illiterate Vidya finds herself totally helpless when she enters the rich Thakur household which is completely a new world to her. To add to it encounters hostility from her three sister-in-laws, chiefly Naina along with her husband Aniket. No one seems to want her there and the one who wants her there, which is Gayatri (Aditya's mother) is too weak to stand up for her. Vidya who has never stepped out of her little village, has no confidence in her own abilities, has only seen denial in her life is now faced with the prospect of having to survive in her own home! It is the promise she made to Aditya's dying father as well as the mistreatment of her husband at the hands of his sisters that makes her stay back and endure everything.

In spite of her gentle, unsure manner Vidya manages to bring about changes within the Thakur household. Vidya becomes the sole support system for Gayatri and even tries to bridge the distance between Aditya and his mother (which has been created by Naina in the first place).

And while Vidya endures, she slowly starts to realize that there is lot more below the surface that it appears. She realizes that Aditya's sisters are actually his hidden enemies in the same household. Thus begins Vidya’s journey to stand tall in the daunting situations, her struggle to win over all the obstacles and be accepted by all as the “Dulhan” of the Thakur household.

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

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Divyanka Tripathi ... Vidya Pratap Singh(Sagar's wife, Kausalya's daughter, main lead, DEAD)/Divya(Reincarnation of Vidya)(married to Amar)
Sharad Malhotra ... Sagar Pratap Singh (Vidya's husband, main lead, Son of Rajendra Pratap Singh and Uma Pratap Singh, DEAD)/Amar (Recincarnation of Sagar)
Rajendra Gupta ... Rajendra Pratap Singh (Sagar, Sindoora, Mahua and Chandra's Dad, Supporter of Vidya, Uma's husband, protagonist, DEAD)
Surinder Kaur ... Uma Pratap Singh (Sagar's Mom, Rajendra Pratap Singh's second wife)
Kamya Panjabi ... Sindoora Pratap Singh (Rajendra's oldest daughter, Bharat's mother, Aniket's wife, main antagonist)
Rajesh Balwani ... Aniket (Sindoora's ex-husband, Bharat's father, protagonist)
Himanshi Chaudhary ... Maahua Singh (Rajendra's daughter, Rajeev's wife, now protagonist)
Harsh Vasishta ... Rajeev Kumar (Mahua's husband, protagonist DEAD)
Faisal Raza Khan ... Kartik (Mahua's ex-husband)
Addite Shirwaikar ... Chandra (Rajendra's daughter)
Punit Vashisht ... Harsh (Chandra's ex-husband, in jail, antagonist)
Suhita Thatte ... Kausalya (Vidya's mother, DEAD)
Renuka Bondre ... Hema Chachi (Shalu's mother, antagonist)
... Chacha (Shalu's father, protagonist)
Snehal Sahai ... Shalu (Chinu's wife, Hema's daughter, Kamna's mother, protagonist, presumably DEAD)
Kamini Kaushal ... Dadi Maa (Harsh's grandmother, protagonist)
Manish Nagdev ... Chinu (Husband of Shalu, Kamna's father, Sagar's cousin, protagonist, MISSING)
Indraneil Sengupta... Tushar (Sagar's childhood friend)
Neeta Shetty ... Dr.Shivani
Soni Singh ... Surili (Sagar's ex-girlfriend, antagonist)
... Sameer (Adopted son Sagar and Vidya)
Shyam Sharma ... Bharat(Son of Aniket and Sindoora, ran away from home and was never seen again for 21 years, protagonist)
Atul Srivastava ... DJ (Sagar and Vidya's helper, protagonist)
Jaya Bhattacharya ... Gayatri (Sagar's Bua, in coma, protagonist)
Amreen ... Kamna (Daughter of Chinu and Shalu, Pregnant with Samrat's child)
Vishal Vatwani ... Samrat (Fake Son of Rajeev and Mahua, Biological son of Amar's parents, Divya's ex-fiance)
Abhileen Pandey ... Chintu (Amar's younger brother, protagonist)
Anokhi Shrivastav ... Bindiya (Amar's childhood friend, Amar's ex-fiance)

Directed by
Ismail Umar Khan

Opening theme
"Banoo Main Teri Dulhann" by Mahalaxmi Iyer

Shakutalam Films



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Banoo Main Teri Dulhann


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