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Prithviraj Chauhan

Prithviraj Chauhan Prithviraj Chauhan is one of the most interesting and powerful characters of Indian history. His name is even today associated with the virtues of Rajput valour, chivalry and patriotism. His bravery on the battlefield was unmatched and he was known to be virtuous and principled until his death

Genre: Historical epic drama

(2006) - Angad Bedi, Parivah

Prithviraj Chauhan


The "warrior king" as he was popularly known, was in love with his enemy's daughter-Sanyogita. He rode off with her on the day of her swayamvar before the watchful eye of her father.

His story highlights all the important aspects of life-duty, bravery, patriotism, friendship, family and romance.

The series will be divided into five phases, and will trace the life of Prithviraj right from his birth until his death. The series is set in the 11th century but will introduce a more modern look with respect to the treatment of the costumes, production design and language, while staying true to the original story. It will maintain a fine balance between the authentic and the contemporary.

Prithviraj Chauhan

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Angad Bedi
Ahmad Khan
Milind Gunaji
Rajni Chandra
Vishnu Sharma
Sanjay Singh
Jas Arora
Sunila Karambekar

Directed by
Shakti and Amrit Sagar

Costumes by
Nisha Sagar

Saagar Arts



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Prithviraj Chauhan


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