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Sapna Babul Ka ..Bidaai

Sapna Babul Ka ..Bidaai Sapna Babul Ka ..Bidaai - is a show of an orphan girl ‘Sadhna’ and her life’s struggle with her biggest asset, that is her own ‘beauty’ which becomes her biggest curse! Sadhna, an extremely fair & beautiful girl is in complete contrast with her cousin sister Ragini, who is dark & unattractive. However the two sisters share a great camaraderie of love & bonding despite the differences in their physical attributes. Brought up by her Mama & Mami in the beautiful city of Agra, Sadhna a humble & simple person, is left upon the mercy of her relatives after an early death of her mother. Her father works in America with the only hope to someday fulfill his wife’s dream of seeing their daughter’s Bidaai. But all this is far from simple, as Sadhna’s mami has always hated her for her beauty & simplicity, which becomes the ground to emotional upheavals in the family.

Genre: Family Drama

(2007 - 2008) - Sarah Khan, Parul Chauhan


Sapna Babul Ka ..Bidaai


Bidaai is a story of two sisters, Sadhna (beautiful) and Ragini (unattractive). Sadhna is the adopted child in the family.

Life is pleasant for Sadhna as she is beautiful but society is a bit rude and harsh on Ragini, who faces a lot more challenges because she is not good-looking.

Both the sisters love each other immensely and are good natured but society’s approach towards them makes Sadhna’s life difficult as her mother starts differentiating between them. Sadhna is treated like a step-daughter in the house and feels punished for her good looks but Ragini loves her unconditionally.

All-in-all, the story is about these two sisters whose 'looks' determine their happiness. This unique story embarks the journey of two sisters and makes one question the belief - "Are beautiful people happier than ugly Bettys?"


Prakash Chand
He is a retired professor and a librarian now. He is protective about Sadhana, his sister’s daughter, and has brought her up as his own daughter after his sister died. He is a jovial person and seeks happiness in small things. His biggest concern is about the future of his daughters and his happiness lies in his daughters, as they are his pride and strength.

Kaushalya has faced a lot in life because of her dark skin and she doesn’t want it to happen with her own daughter Ragini. Due to these circumstances she has become a racist and has started hating Sadhana, who is fair and beautiful. Her greatest fear is that Ragini will never get a nice groom as long as Sadhana is in her life.

When Sadhana was 2 year old, her mother died, since then she’s been living with her Mama and considers his family as her own. She younger than Ragini, but is more mature and understanding. Her beauty is her biggest enemy, because of which she has never got the love of Kaushalya. She is a caring, understanding and hard working girl. She’s Ragini’s best friend and both share great rapport irrespective of their looks.

She loves her sister Sadhna and can’t live without her. She will go to any extent to see a smile on Sadhana face. Like her mother, she is also dark skinned because of which her mother nags her to apply various fairness creams. She is aware that she is not beautiful and also lacks confidence, yet she’s waiting for her prince charming.

He is an artist by profession. He looses his wife, as he couldn’t pay hefty hospital bills when she was ill, so leaves India to earn money, so that his daughter doesn’t face any financial problems in life. A self made man and his only dream is to see his daughter’s bidaai. He is grateful to his brother-in-law Prakash, as he was the only one who came forward to help him in his time of grief. Although he hasn’t seen Sadhana, he is in touch with her through phone conversations, letters and he sends gifts and drafts for her.

He’s a self centered man and ambitious. He is not fond of Sadhana and considers her as a cousin than his sister. He is married to Maalti and she controls him. He works in a small company and earns decently, but on his wife’s insistence, he keeps the savings with himself without giving it to his father.

She’s vineet’s wife. She’s beautiful and make-up is her life. She usually ends up saying anything in front of anyone, which leads to bigger issues later on. She has shades of grey in the show.

She is Kaushalya’s mother and whenever she comes to visit Kaushalya, she never forgets to instigate her about Sadhana.

Sapna Babul Ka ..Bidaai

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Sarah Khan
Madhura Naik
Alok Nath
Vibha Chabbir
Mahesh Thakur
Parul Chauhan
Kinshuk Mahajan
Angad Hasija
Shabaana Mullani
Seema Kapoor
Avinash Wadhawan
Ashita Dhawan
Naveen Saini
Preeti Puri
Rajendra Chawala
Vimarsh Roshan
Preeti Puri
Nattasha Rana
Uttkarsha Naik
Shekhar Shukla
Ali Raza

Original airing
October 8, 2007

Original music
Manish Tripathi

Original channel

Directed by
Rajan Shahi

Produced by
Rajan Shahi

Director’s Kut




Tip Sapna Babul Ka ..Bidaai

The Show Bidaai replaced the drama Meri Awaz Ko Mil Gayi Roshni

The drama is the most popular show on the channel with a TRP rating of 5.58, beating Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi at 5.25, which was the most popular show on the channel for six consecutive years


Sapna Babul Ka ..Bidaai


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