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Teen Bahuraaniyaan

Teen Bahuraaniyaan Teen Bahuraaniyaan is a TV show depicting the story of three daughters-in-law of different cultural backgrounds living in one house as a joint family. The story has comic relief along with kitchen politics.

Genre: Family Drama / Comedy

(2008) - Amrapalli Gupta, Manva Naik, Kadambari Kadam


Teen Bahuraaniyaan


Teen Bahuraniyaan is a tale of three bahus (daughters-in-law) sharing different backgrounds and now live under one roof of the Gheewala parivar (family). The family is an upper class Gujarati joint family living in Ahmedabad. Their individual lives pass through distinct ups and downs as they share different equations and at different levels with their in-laws and other members of the family. Keeping alive their personal interests the bahuraniyaas tackle day-to-day affairs in their own way and manner and manage to fight for what is wrong and prove themselves worthy of the Gheewala Parivar. The daughters in law attempt to maintain peace in the family, but face numerous challenges from both outside and within the family, particularly from their mothers in law, whose selfish behavior threatens to destroy the family. Within this seriousness, each episode usually features a great deal of comedy, making the show appealing to a wide audience.

Teen Bahuraaniyaan

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Paresh Rawal ... Narrator
Deepak Gheewala ... Gopaldas "G Kaka" Gheewala (Manohar, Kanti and Hari's father)
Jyostsana Karyekar ... Mithi Ba (G Kaka's mother)
Meghna Roy ... Sunanda Gheewala (Manohar, Kanti and Hari's mother)
Deepak Pareek ... Manohar Gheewala (Indira's husband, Sameer's father)
Meenakshi Sethi ... Indira Gheewala (Manohar's wife, Sameer's mother, antagonist)
Anurag Prapanna ... Kanti Gheewala (Kokila's husband, Mahesh's father)
Nimisha Vakharia ... Kokila Gheewala, (Kanti's wife, Mahesh's mother, used to be antagonist)
Jay Dutt ... Hari Gheewala (Bhavna's husband, Rohit's father)
Swati Shah ... Bhavna Gheewala (Hari's wife, Rohit' mother, used to be antagonist)
Manish Raisinghania ... Sameer Gheewala (Janki's husband, Indira and Manohar's son)
Prashant Chaddha/Abhay Vakil ... Mahesh Gheewala (Manjeet's widower, Payal's husband, Kokila and Kanti's son)
Mehul Kajaria/Yash P. Sinha ... Rohit Gheewala (Bindiya's husband, Hari and Bhavna's son)
Kadambari Kadam ... Janki Gheewala (One of the teen bahuraniyaan, Sameer's wife)
Manva Naik ... Manjeet Gheewala (One of the teen bahuraniyaan, Mahesh's wife, died of blood cancer)
Amrapalli Gupta ... Bindiya Gheewala (One of the teen bahuraniyaan, Rohit's wife, has suddenly become an antagonist)
Aanchal Anand ... Payal Gheewala (One of the teen bahuraniyaan, Mahesh's second wife, Kajal's younger sister)
Anang Desai/Pankaj Dheer ... Dwarkadas (Kokila's father, killed Vrinda's children, antagonist)
Vaishali Thakkar... Maya (G Kaka's and Sunanda's daughter,Kanti,Manohar's and Hari's sister)
Simple Kaul ... Nisha Jalan (Sameer's ex-girlfriend, antagonist)
Smriti Zubin Irani... Vrinda Desai (Janki's Masi, actually her biological mother)
Aman Verma ... Sumit Desai (Vrinda's husband, Janki's biological father)
Shubhavi ... Kunjbala (Indira's best friend, Kajal and Payal's aunt, Meenaben's siter in law, antagonist)
Soni Singh ... Kajal (Meenaben's daughter, Payal's older siter, Mahesh's ex-fionce, antagonist, dead)
Roopa Divetia ... Meenaben (Kajal and Payal's mother)

Opening theme
"Teen Bahuraniyaan" by Navin Tripathi & Madhushree

Directed by
Swapna Waghmare Joshi
Pawan Kumar

Playtime Creationn

Opening theme
"Teen Bahuraniyaan" by Navin Tripathi & Madhushree



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Teen Bahuraaniyaan


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