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Ghar Ek Sapna

Ghar Ek Sapna Ghar Ek Sapna - This is a story of one large family with three brothers. One of the brothers, just flirts casually with Kakul (the lead protagonist) at a friend's wedding and both are forced to get married as she belongs to a upper class business family. But, somehow, after the marriage, Kakul is not accepted into the family. Her husband too doesn't really love her and has a girlfriend. The srory explores Kakul's journey of finding her dream home.

Genre: Family Drama

(2006 - 2007) - Sayantani Ghosh

Ghar Ek Sapna


Samman, an educated guy from Mumbai visits a friend in Bihar at a wedding. There, he meets Kakul, a pretty daughter from a politico-business magnate from Patna and charms her with his flirtatious ways. So far, so good. But soon realises that he is a consenting, yet mute spectator, at his own wedding with Kakul… at gunpoint!

Bizarre, yet true! This phenomenon of ‘marriage at gunpoint’ has found its roots many years ago in northern Bihar, which originated in retaliation to the dowry system. Often called the pakarva bibah (marriage by abduction) in the rustic lingo, over the past two decades, this system has become an accepted norm, rather ruthlessly though.

In this scenario, it is indeed ironical that a woman ‘chooses’ her husband, but real happiness is a chanced moment…

Ghar Ek Sapna

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Sayantani Ghosh
Alok Nath
Harsh Chhaya
Himani Shivpuri
Darshan Dave

Produced by
Ajai Sinha

Ananda Film and Telecommunications


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Ghar Ek Sapna


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