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Kasamh Se

Kasamh se tv seriesKasamh Se is about three sisters and their life. All three sisters have a different outlook towards life and its problems

Genre: Family Drama

(2006) - Prachi Desai, Roshni Chopra, Arunima Sharma

Kasamh Se


Kasamh Se Kasamh Se follows the story of three sisters, Bani, Piya, and Rano Dixit who live in Mount Abu with their father, and how they overcome the troubles in their life. Bani is th eldest who wants everybody to be along with peace and happiness. Love is the most important factor in her life.

Piya is the second eldest who wants to be famous and rich one day. Wealth is the most important factor in her life. Rano is the youngest who wants to show the world what she can do with her intelligence. Career is the most important factor in her life.

The three of them live with their father Nishikant Dixit and their mother died 7 years previously. Piya and Rano go to college and Bani pretends to go to college but really works in a hotel.

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Manoj Joshi as... Nishikant Dixit (Father of Bani, Pia, Rano)
Prachi Desai as ... Bani Dixit-Walia (main lead)
Roshni Chopra as ... Pia Dixit-Shukla (Bani's younger sister, Rano's older sister)
Arunima Sharma as... Rano Dixit-Bali (Bani and Pia's young sister
Gurdeep Kohli as... Pronita (New face of Bani)
Gurdeep Kohli as ... Bani Walia/Pronita
Ram Kapoor as ... Jai Walia (Bani's husband)
Pallavi Subhash as ... Meera Walia (Main antagonist)
Priya Bathija as... Older Ganga Walia
Akshita as...Krishna Walia
Ashwini Kalsekar as... Jigyasa Walia (Jai's wicked sister, now in jail for kidnapping, antagonist)
Jatin Sial as... Aditya Bali (Jigyasa's husband)
Sudha Shivpuri as ... Biji/Dadi Bali
Siddarth as ... Ranvir Bali (Jigyasa and Aditya's oldest son)
Swathi as... Raashi Chopra-Bali[Ranveer's wife and Vidya's mother]
Priya Marathe as... Vidya Bali (age 22) (Ranvir and Rashi's daughter)
Prashant Ranyal as... Sahil Bali (Rano's husband and Jigyasa and Aditya's youngest son-DEAD
Arunima Sharma as ... Rano Dixit-Bali [Bani's youngest sister and Sahil's wife]
Mayank Sharma as... Nachiket Walia
Seema Bhargav as ... Maasi (Karuna's Mom & Jai's Aunt)

Opening theme
"Kasamh Se" by Nihira Joshi

Directed by
Anil V Kumar
Taimur Bajwa

Produced by
Ekta Kapoor

Balaji Telefilms



Tip Kasamh Se

The show is inspired by Louisa May Alcott's novel Little Women

Kasamh se will start again on 1st September 2009 but with a new twist.


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