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Pooja Bose; Throwing Tantrums?

Pooja BosePooja Bose a.k.a Swara of ‘Sarwagun Sampanna’ on Imagine TV is apparently, sarwagun sampanna herself. It means that she possesses all the qualities including beauty and talent. However, she is reputed for throwing tantrums on the sets as well.

A little birdie quips, “Pooja always throws her weight on the sets and the girl is always complaining about something or the other, right from her dresses to her hairstyle. She scolds the hair stylist and throws tantrums even when a single strand of single hair is out of place. She also has many other problems which she bickers about. All the people around are now familiar with her complaining attitude.”

When we contacted the actress for her stand on it, she politely said, “How would I know that I am throwing tantrums? You better ask the other people around me as I would not know whether my behavior is weird or not.”

That’s the reason for asking you, Pooja. We have already taken the opinion of your colleagues on the sets!

Tejashree Bhopatkar / Sampurn Wire


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